Welcome ASU Mediators!

We are delighted to be partnering with the Lodestar Dispute Resolution Center at the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law.

ADR Notable can help you launch your new practice,  manage your existing cases, or resolve disputes in any setting.  But it’s much more than a practice or case management app.  The patent-pending digital Noteboard is a powerful and flexible tool to help you generate movement toward agreement in your cases.

ASU-trained dispute resolution professionals will have access to a curated library of training materials from your course of study embedded right into the platform.

Read on to learn how ASU Lodestar + ADR Notable will help you.  Or click below to see how the ADR Notable platform works.

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Your special benefits as a Lodestar trainee:

A full-year subscription to ADR Notable

for Classes starting after July 1, 2022

Manage your cases.  Request documents from parties and their attorneys that they can securely upload themselves to your case library.  Create invoices and bill clients with the new billing module designed expressly for the dispute resolution profession.  Use the Noteboard to prepare for a case, track proposals and counter-offers, and generate a formal or informal MoU.   PLUS the exclusive ASU Training Course Library.  And ADR Notable works with the Google and Outlook tools you already know and use.

In Year 2, receive an additional 10% off an annual subscription

A few weeks before your first year’s subscription ends, we will send you an invitation to subscribe for the next year at 10% off the already discounted price. This means you will receive the 10% discount for an annual subscription plus an additional 10% off.  Depending on the plan you choose, at a billing rate of $100 per hour, you can recoup your investment in ADR Notable during your first 15 minutes of every month!

Access to the ASU library of documents, clauses, and checklists.

Have you taken classes in the past where “the binder” just sits on your shelf?  Not this time. The materials from your course will be just a click or two away from your workspace, no matter where you are working.  Even better, you can instantly copy checklists and clauses into your own personal ADR Notable library, and edit them as you wish.  Then they are ready to be pulled up in a Case or added to a Memorandum of Understanding with a single click.

It’s easy to get started in ADR Notable, but we’ll take it one step further!
May 2022 Course Participants:  Lunch & Learn webinar
June 1, 12:10 to 12:55 PST

Did you miss the webinar?  Click below for the recorded version (40 minutes)https://flashbackconnect.com/Movie.aspx?id=bF8R3bT26V0s4qjGgsPOPQ2

May ’22 Participants receive a complimentary 3-month subscription (two extra months). Please sign up for your free 3 months here with Code ASU0522 (no credit card required).

ADR Notable:  Technology that supports mediators, not replace them…

…by minding – and closing – the technological gap by incorporating helpful technologies into mediation practice and process, the field can realign with the changing characteristics of mediators and parties, and thrive.

Professors Alyson Carrel and Noam Ebner. “Mind the Gap: Bringing Technology to the Mediation Table.” The Journal of Dispute Resolution, vol. 2019, issue 2:5. 2019.



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