ADR Notable


Designed to support you at every step, ADR Notable brings secure, intuitive, and innovative tools to your mediations.

mediation technology for case and practice management by ADR Notable

Before a Session

ADR Notable will help you manage your practice. Customize a checklist to guide you through the pre-session administrative tasks. Intuitive tools will help you with…

Case set-up including collecting contact info, recording your conflict check, ensuring you received your signed engagement letter and more.

Document management:  Frequently used forms like your engagement letter are available from your Library. Documents submitted by the parties will be stored in your individual case files.

Recording time you spend in case preparation. Later on in the case, timers will also track plenary and caucus sessions for you.

Creating checklists that you can access with a single click from anywhere in ADR Notable. You will find everything you need to stay organized!

During a Session

Using ADR Notable instead of a pen and paper means that your notes are legible, manageable and securely stored in the cloud. If you can type an email, you can use ADR Notable!

The innovative digital Noteboard is what sets ADR Notable apart from other matter management tools.

Capture notes with keyboard shortcuts and then work with your notes to generate movement toward agreement.  Add as much or as little information as you like — ADR Notable is flexible and easy to customize to fit the way you work.

Capturing notes couldn’t be easier!  Short-cut keystrokes mean you never have to look down.  Prefer to use a tablet?  You can also use a stylus to take your notes.

Read more about adding notes to your Noteboard in the Knowledge Base.

Drag and drop your notes to put them in order.  Does this proposal address that issue?  Link them together with another drag and drop.

Read more about working with your Notes to reach resolution in the Knowledge Base.

View the history of proposals and counter-offers.  When agreement has been reached, it’s “thumbs up” and the linked issues are automatically checked off.

Read more about working with Proposals in the Knowledge Base.

No more scribbles in the margin, circles, stars, underlining or colored pens.

While in session, you can also pull up a document sent by a party, access your checklists, your library of forms and clauses, or your calendar. Timers record plenary and caucus times. Having everything you need in one place lets you focus on the parties.

After a Session

An ADR Notable user favorite:  When you signify that there is agreement on a proposal ????, the most recent version of the proposal is automatically pulled into your Term Sheet wizard.  Edit the agreement language as needed, add clauses from My Library, obtain digital signatures right on the spot, and your MoU is ready for distribution or printing.

Read more about the ADR Notable Term Sheet tool in our Knowledge Base.


The term sheet wizard is not the only way ADR Notable helps you at the end of a case.  You can also generate a “just-the-facts” summary report for your files or to document that a good-faith effort was made to resolve the dispute.  Then you decide whether to keep your notes and case documents safely stored in the ADR Notable cloud, or securely delete them, immediately or at a scheduled time in the future.  Preparing an invoice?  Open the Time Log for a detailed summary of the time you spent on the case.