New Day Divorce Mediation Training + ADR Notable

California mediators who have undergone training with New Day have the legal information and knowledge they need to competently mediate child and spousal support, parenting plans, the division of real estate, retirement assets, stock options, or businesses, and more.
Combine that with ADR Notable’s distinctive, patented case and practice management tools, and receive everything you need to manage your successful practice.
Read on to see the benefits to the New Day Divorce Mediation Trainees.  If you’re enrolled in an upcoming course, there is a demo at the bottom that shows how to get to your training materials in the platform.


Terri’s training was well organized, fast paced and engaging not only with Terri but with other attendees as well. The materials were well organized and extremely helpful as a reference guide to be utilized in the current and future time frame.

~ Kelly Myers, Divorce and Mediation Coach

First, accept the invitation to the course sent in an email from your Trainer via ADR Notable.

If you don’t already have an ADR Notable account, you will be asked to register; there is no credit card required.

Please do be sure to click that “Accept” button in the email.  That’s how you get these special benefits available only to those enrolled in ADR Notable Training Partner programs. There is a self-guided demo below that walks you through the process.

Embedded Training Library:  The materials from your training program are pre-loaded in the ADR Notable Library.  That’s right, your training materials in your workspace and available any time, any place you have internet.   You will receive an email from your Trainer inviting you to the Course.  Scroll on down this page to see how easy it is from there!

Free 3-Month Subscription:  Instead of the 21-day free trial, ADR Notable Training Partner participants receive a complimentary 90-day Trainee Subscription.  We know you may be just starting out, or learning new skills, so we want to provide you a little extra time.

Special Discount:  You will receive 10% off an annual subscription.  If you elect not to subscribe right away, you will continue to have access to the materials in the Training Library and to your existing cases after the 90-day free subscription expires.  Starting in Month 4, you will need a monthly, annual, or “single case” license only when you want to create a new case in the platform.

Everything you need:  Best of all, you will be creating and working your Cases on a secure, intuitive, and flexible platform.  Create a Case, add the participants, and then configure the patented Noteboard the way you want.  Check out the Under-10 Minute videos on YouTube to see some of the other features.

Are you starting a new practice, or want some tips for managing your existing one?  Check out this free resource; it has 100+ pages of tips and advice, downloadable checklists for each section, and resource directories.


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