2023: The Year Mediation Tech Helps You

by Gary Doernhoefer, Founder
When we set out to design and build ADR Notable, our goal was to use intuitive software design to help mediators manage the myriad administrative steps needed to run a successful practice. We are committed to the idea that mediation tech can be an effective digital assistant to a busy practitioner.
“Can you help us with Billing and Scheduling?”

We received immediate feedback from our launch that praised the ease of use and thoughtful design of ADR Notable’s case management software, but users also cited the need for help with two time-consuming administrative tasks – billing clients and scheduling meetings for multiple participants.  We are very pleased to report that with the start of 2023, ADR Notable now includes solutions that take the frustrations out of those tasks, and those features are fully integrated into our system that helps with every other aspect of managing cases, and an entire firm.

With ADR Notable, you can bill in advance, use flat rates, bill for expenses, bill hourly after the service was provided, or any combination. You can split fees among the parties pro rata, or in any custom percentage.  You can easily track payments and trigger reminders for past due invoices. In short, we spent a lot of time understanding the different ways practitioners work and charge for services, then designed custom software to fit.   We fully integrated this service into ADR Notable so things like the existing time tracking feature can be used for billing with a click of the mouse.  (Learn more about Billing here.)

With scheduling, we followed a similar process, hearing the struggle of using multiple emails to find and book meetings or sessions that fit the schedules of all necessary participants. For this feature, we worked with a company that had an existing scheduling software product that works with your Google or Outlook calendar, and they made adjustments to fit the distinct needs of dispute resolution practitioners.   We then integrated it right into ADR Notable’s mediation tech platform so that with a few mouse clicks from a Case Dashboard in ADR Notable, the software launches a process with the case participants.  This process eliminates that back-and-forth search for a common time, books the meeting on your calendar, and sends invitations and reminders. Once you launch the process, you don’t have to lift another finger to set up the meeting.

Learn more about the new Scheduling solution.

Little things that make a difference

While we worked on these two major enhancements, we also continued to improve smaller features in the ADR Notable case management platform. For instance, with one click from the Case Dashboard, your preferred email service will pop up, with the participants’ email addresses already there. Our checklist feature was enhanced to serve as both a record of completed tasks, and a future “to-do” list with the assignments to be completed appearing in a task list on the homepage.   And these are just some of the examples of how the ADR Notable mediation tech platform can be your digital assistant.

Mediation Tech designed for you

We believe that what you do in helping resolve conflict is important work and recognize that no software can provide the core service you offer.  But ADR Notable can relieve you of much of the burden of the associated tasks allowing you to better focus on the parties and their needs. Many other industries already use technology to improve quality and efficiency and you likely use technology in many aspects of your personal and work life.

Together, let’s make 2023 the year that mediation tech helps you too. 

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