Take your mediation practice to the next level with ADR Notable

ADR Notable is a case and practice management platform built explicitly for mediators. Catered to your specific needs, ADR Notable assists you at every step of the mediation process: before, during, and after a session. Streamline your practice, simplify administrative tasks, stay organized, take quicker and more efficient notes, bill clients, and much more, all in one place. No need for multiple subscriptions to different tools — this platform is the one-stop-shop for all your mediations needs.

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Take your practice to the next level with minimal effort through ADR Notable — a platform built just for you.

Increase organization

Every step in the mediator’s workflow is managed from a single, integrated software platform, keeping your mediation practice organized at every step of the mediation process and helping your mediation gain momentum towards a resolution.

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Focus on the clients

Having everything you need in one place lets you focus on the parties. ADR Notable cuts out the background noise and creates a distraction-free environment that allows you to give beyond your full attention to the task at hand.

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Streamline administrative tasks

With automated intake, customizable file structures, firm reports, and scheduling and billing (coming soon), ADR Notable speeds up the administrative process and relieves the efforts of those tedious administrative tasks.

Here’s how you can manage your firm with ADR Notable


Enhance your uniquely human skillset

ADR Notable is for the human mediator to use in combination with the mediator’s social intelligence which computers cannot replicate. We assist the mediator with technology that addresses the tasks computers do well.

We don’t replace the mediator; we assist you at every step
Bill clients and receive payments

Send invoices and receive payments faster and easier than ever. This billing tool will enable you to split the fees, use an hourly rate or flat fee, and seamlessly handle billables in one place.

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Automate the scheduling process

With our scheduling module, you can eliminate the “when are you free dance” with your clients and automate the process of finding a time that works for everyone. No more emailing back and forth, ADR Notable takes care of that for you.

Say goodbye to the “when are you free?” dance.

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Don’t just take our word for it! See what our users have to say

I have been a fan of ADR Notable’s since the very first time that I saw it.  As one of the leading online mediators in the country, I find that technology makes the dispute resolution process easier, more streamlined and visual for all participants including the practitioners and ADR Notable is at the top of my list!  Whether you practice in person or online, ADR Notable supports the process from start to finish and they are constantly listening to feedback and adding functionality.  It is truly the “must have” tech for any dispute resolution practitioner.

— Susan Guthrie, Master Mediator


I found that there is a not so difficult learning curve with ADR Notable, and I know that the features will definitely be an asset for my mediation practice.

— Roberto Garcia, Mediator

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