Stay Organized

Checklists and case management tools simplify your workflow

Bill Faster

Flexible, integrated tools for fee-splitting, billing options, and more.

Schedule Instantly

CalendarHero's sophisticated group scheduling algorithm plus self-booking calendars are included in your subscription.


Share cases with co-mediators and case managers.

Manage Documents Securely

Case participants can upload documents right to your centralized Case files.

Easy Term Sheets

With a single click, add your own clauses to agreements that automatically load from your Noteboard.

"ADR Notable has been a tremendous value add for me as a professional and solopreneur. Especially with the CalendarHero scheduling, it does so much that a live assistant would have been responsible for in the past, but with a much lower price point! Thank you ADR Notable for making my job that much easier!"

Wes Thiessen, Mediator-Arbitrator, Parenting Coordinator, and Conflict Coach


Billing built for dispute resolution professionals

Bill hourly, fixed rate, or a flat fee, apply advanced fees, custom split the payments, accept multiple types of payments, and track the statuses of all accounts.

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Build better relationships

ADR Notable has integrated the functions of a CRM into its software where they make the most sense.

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A state-of-the-art solution to save you time and money

Our mediation Scheduling Software makes booking sessions easier than ever!

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And More Powerful Features

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How long does it take to create a new case in ADR Notable?

You can create a case in less than a minute, by filling in 3 required fields. Do it while you are on the phone with a prospective client or a attorney. Then go back and fill in the participant information when you get it. Give it a try yourself in the this self-guided demo.

Do I have to pay extra for the CalendarHero tool?

No, CalendarHero is included at no additional charge, for both monthly and annual subscribers. This is one of our user-favorite features. See how CalendarHero, with its superior group scheduling feature, compares to Calendly, Doodle, and Acuity Scheduling here..

I bill some of my work hourly, and others at a fixed rate. Will the billing accommodate that?

Absolutely. ADR Notable's billing feature was built from the ground up to accommdoate hourly billing, full-day or half-day fixed rates, or flat fees for an entire case. You can even use a hybrid model. Plus, you can easily split the fees for the entire case, or by billable item. And if you do some private work and some for a Court or a mediation center, you can have different rates for each. Watch this short video to see how it works.