Streamline Workflow

Checklists and Case Intake make quick work of assigning cases.

Bill Better

Invoicing, payment management, reminders, and integration with QuickBooks Online.

Schedule Instantly

Group sessions, 1:1 meetings, or self-booking calendars -- ADR Notable + CalendarHero handles them all, quickly and easily.

Manage Neutral Info

The Professionals Database keeps information on Neutrals' rates, areas of expertise, and more close at hand.

Share Information

Upload forms, documents, checklists and clauses to your Firm Library for everyone's use.

Analyze Data

Number of referrals? Hours per case? Closure types and rates? Use integrated management reports for this and more.

“The team at ADR Notable has been wonderful to work with, adapting the ADR Notable platform to meet the unique needs of our business requirements and providing training and support services throughout the implementation phase. ADR Notable offers us a one-stop platform to work smoothly through every step of our process from intake through final invoicing. Features like the Checklists allow our large group of staff and arbitrators the opportunity to easily find, work with, and complete tasks in a timely, efficient manner.”

Michele Cruise-Pratchler, ADR Saskatchewan


Billing built for dispute resolution professionals

Bill hourly, fixed rate, or a flat fee, apply advanced fees, custom split the payments, accept multiple types of payments, and track the statuses of all accounts.

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Build better relationships

ADR Notable has integrated the functions of a CRM into its software where they make the most sense.

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A state-of-the-art solution to save you time and money

Our mediation Scheduling Software makes booking sessions easier than ever!

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And More Powerful Features

To Simplify Your Learning


The professionals in my firm all have different billing rates and areas of expertise. Does ADR Notable have a way to keep track of all that?

Yes, the Professionals Database feature in ADR Notable was built for this exact purpose. In addition to rates and practice areas, you can link to your practitioners' calendars, show which geographic areas they cover, whether they mediate online, and more.

I use Quickbooks to manage our firm's books. Can I link the invoicing and payment from ADR Notable to Quickbooks?

Yes, ADR Notable has an integration with QuickBooks Online that allows you to sync your ADR Notable invoices, customers and neutrals' billed time. Once you have completed the simple setup process, every invoice you create in ADR Notable will be transfered to QuickBooks Online.

What are the reporting capabilities of ADR Notable? Right now, I manually enter data into spreadsheets to be able to tell which law firms are sending the most business our way.

There are 10 built-in Management Reports in ADR Notable that will help you run your firm smoothly and profitably. Read more about them and see the quick demo in the Knowledge Base article, System Reports.

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