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Your files and more in one place

A forms file, reference library, reading room, all in a case management platform

Consider this your virtual filing cabinet!
Store and organize your documents, create checklists to keep you on track, upload your clauses to pull when creating a term sheet.
You and your colleagues can access anything within the Library from anywhere. Everything you need is in one place, so ditch your other software — you only need ADR Notable.

Accessible. Organized. Convenient.

Everything you need in one place, accessible from everywhere.

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“Cobbling together software packages to handle your mediation matters takes excessive time, creates mistake opportunities as you transfer data, and diverts attention from value-adding work. I like ADR Notable because it integrates the time-saving tech you need in one software package enabling you to spend your time providing value to your clients and building your mediation practice.”

— Kenneth A. Grady, Professor at Michigan State University College of Law

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