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As an ADR Notable Training Partner, you can strengthen your transfer of knowledge and introduce your trainees to a mediation technology tool that will help them at every stage of the dispute resolution process. Once you’re approved, we work together to incorporate your materials – it takes very little time!

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With ADR Notable, make your training materials available to your trainees at their moment of need.

Improve training transfer

With easy access to your guides, checklists, sample clauses, and reference materials, your trainees can confidently put what they’ve learned from you into practice every day.

Gain a competitive edge

Incorporating mediation technology into your training distinguishes you and your trainees in a competitive market.

Save time and money

Is it an LMS? An EPSS? It’s neither; with ADR Notable, the training environment becomes the operational environment, saving you the expense and precious time to create and maintain a LMS. There is no cost to Trainers to use ADR Notable.

Protect your intellectual property

You control the content and who has access to your training materials in ADR Notable.

ADR Notable Training Partners

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“As a training designer for mediation and workplace conflict management, I am realistic about what happens to training manuals and workshop handouts at the end of a course. Mediation and conflict resolution training integrated with ADR Notable software can nearly guarantee transfer of learning to the job and make evaluating your training effectiveness simple and straightforward. Here is how to do it…”

Rosemary McCollister
Master Trainer and Facilitator

Enhance Your Mediation Training with ADR Notable: A Practical Guide
by Rosemary McCollister

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