Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is ADR Notable?

ADR Notable is a U.S. company located in Columbus, Ohio. Its investors are in the U.S. and at this time, so is its small team of employees. Our goal is to use technology to help mediators feel more organized and prepared so they can focus on the human elements of dispute resolution.

Is ADR Notable a new online dispute resolution (ODR) application?

No. ADR Notable is a software platform intended to support dispute resolution professionals at every step of their business process, from client intake until the notes are deleted (or not, if you prefer) and the matter is archived. It includes unique tools to help the mediator stay organized at every step, even during mediation sessions.

When will ADR Notable be available for me to try?

Soon! We are in beta testing mode now with the final product and will release it just as soon we feel it’s ready for application in the real world of dispute resolution. To sign up to get immediate word about the release, go here:

How much does ADR Notable cost?

We will announce the pricing when we launch the product. Our pricing will offer alternative plans to cost-effectively meet the needs of mediators managing a high volume of cases, as well as those who only serve as a mediator on occasion.

If I subscribe to ADR Notable, am I locked in to a contract?

No, after your free trial period, you’ll decide whether to subscribe monthly or just pay for each new case you open. Either way, you can quit any time, and your data can be exported to common formats for you. See our Privacy Policy for more information.

What steps does ADR Notable take to protect my clients’ information?

Your client’s information, including the documents received from your client that you store in ADR Notable, and any notes you make in the note taking feature, is stored separately from less sensitive materials and is managed with increased security protocols, including up-to-date encryption techniques. For more information, see our Privacy/Cookies policy.

Where is the information in ADR Notable stored?

ADR Notable uses cloud storage, designated to remain on U.S. servers, with Microsoft’s Azure cloud services.

If I work in a firm with other mediators and staff, do we all have to pay individually?

Not necessarily. First, for security reasons, anyone accessing ADR Notable must be a registered user, but there is no cost to register. Second, we expect the primary mediator on each new matter to have purchased a license from us (after the free trial period), on either a subscription or pay-as-you-go basis. The mediator can grant access to a case (which can be full or limited for security) to one additional person, such as a case manager, at no additional cost. Enterprise license pricing for organizations with multiple primary mediators is also available by contacting us at

How do I get help?

Visit our Help Center for 24/7 access to our Knowledge Base where you will find a collection of instructional articles and tutorials. After our public launch, we will also provide online and telephone assistance during specific times. Until then, you can reach our Customer Service team at

Can I make suggestions for improvements to the services from ADR Notable?

Sure! We make all kinds of efforts to get feedback from our clients, and your suggestions are welcome. We are committed to making constant improvements to meet our clients’ needs. Send your suggestion to to get it into our queue.