Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What exactly is ADR Notable?

Are you committed to the concept of personal mediation, yet still wish there was a technology tool to help you with all the busywork?  Well, that’s exactly where ADR Notable can help!  It is a robust tool to help you during a session, complemented by an array of case and practice management tools for the tasks that need to be done before and after a case.  Onboard your clients, let them upload case documents themselves, and while reviewing those documents or during pre-session phone calls, start adding notes to your Noteboard.  And there you go, a list of issues to be addressed, waiting for you when the session starts!  Then, during a session, capture notes, sort them, link them to each other, and record proposals and counters.  Agreements reached?  Use the Term Sheet tool, pulling in your own standard clauses as needed.  When the case is over, generate an automatic summary report, securely delete your notes and files, and pull up your time log to help prepare your invoice.

But ADR Notable is much more than just an office tool.  Because being able to capture, view, sort, link and revise your notes puts you in the best possible position to effectively help generate movement toward agreement.   ADR Notable frees you up to do what you do bestRead more about ADR Notable or better yet, give it a try.  Get started now with your 14-day free trial.

Who is ADR Notable?

ADR Notable is a U.S. company located in Columbus, Ohio. Its investors are in the U.S. and at this time, so is its small team of employees. Our goal is to use technology to help mediators be more organized and prepared so they can focus on the human elements of dispute resolution.  The founder of ADR Notable is Gary Doernhoefer.  Read more about Gary and the ADR Notable team.

Can ADR Notable be used in remote mediations?

Yes. ADR Notable is a tool to help mediators before, during, and after sessions that are held in person or remotely.  Since March 2020, mediators have been wonderfully adaptive in learning to use a wide range of video conferencing platforms to provide safe, secure, and responsible services to their clients.  And ADR Notable will work equally well with whatever platform you choose.  Read more about using ADR Notable in a remote session.

How much does ADR Notable cost?

You can try ADR Notable free for 14 days, and no credit card information is required.  Any cases you set up or files you upload during your first three months will be available to you after converting to a paid plan.  Read more about the free trial.  Our flexible pricing plans include a cost-effective monthly subscription for those who mediate full-time, and an option to pay for a single case at a time for those who resolve disputes less frequently. If you are in a firm with more than three mediators, contact us at to talk about our enterprise solutions.  Finally, you can invite one other person — a case manager or a co-mediator — to join your case at no additional cost.  See all the Pricing Plans or get answers to other pricing questions.

What steps does ADR Notable take to protect my clients’ information?

Your client’s information, including the documents received from your client that you store in ADR Notable, and any notes you make on your Noteboard, is stored separately from less sensitive materials and is managed with increased security protocols, including up-to-date encryption techniques. In addition to strong encryption for data while being transmitted and after receipt, your client’s information is stored in Azure, Microsoft’s cloud storage system, behind the firewalls and virus protection maintained by Microsoft.

For more information, see our Privacy/Cookies policy.

How do I get help?

Visit our Help Center for 24/7 access to our Knowledge Base where you will find a collection of instructional articles and tutorials. If you still have questions, you can contact us at or submit a request for help and Sydney or one of her colleagues will be in touch very soon!

Can I make suggestions for improvements to the services from ADR Notable?

Sure! We are very interested in getting feedback from our clients, and your suggestions are most welcome. We are committed to making continuous improvements to meet our clients’ needs. You can see what’s in the product pipeline here and add your comments and ideas. Or, send them along to