Workplace Conflict is Costly

Studies report that US companies lose $359 billion a year to workplace conflict

CPP Global Human Capital Report

No one wants to be on the wrong side of that statistic, which is one reason you invest in training members of your team to help colleagues work through conflicts in the workplace before they escalate. But do you worry that your investment in training fades away when that binder invariably gets stowed on the shelf? You’re right to worry. Research shows that 90% of training is forgotten in a week without reinforcement.

With ADR Notable, the trainer’s materials are embedded right in the conflict resolution workspace. So good-bye, “out of sight, out of mind.”  

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How can ADR Notable help my organization?

ADR Notable pays for itself almost immediately.  Right from the start, it makes your conflict management training more effective, contributing to a more productive workplace and a healthier bottom line.

Organizations with a healthy workplace culture have an average turnover rate of 13.9%. A poor workplace culture? 48.4%.

ADR Notable gives your trained conflict facilitators a dedicated and secure workspace with direct access to their training resources, forms, and checklists, and gives the organization data to track the sources of conflicts. This makes it easier to apply conflict management skills and create a healthier organizational culture with less turnover.

In 2017, the average cost to a company to defend and settle an employment lawsuit was $160,000 and took 318 days to resolve.

Ouch. Providing your trained employees with the tools to resolve workplace conflicts early and effectively  is truly a win-win; good for your employees and your bottom line.

The report cited above concluded that U.S. organizations paid an estimated $359 billion for work hours spent on conflict instead of productivity – and that was in 2008!

Of course, this is not how you want people in your organization to spend their work hours. ADR Notable helps you do something about it.

Consistency is the true foundation of trust.

-Roy T. Bennett

ADR Notable ensures that your organization’s conflict management processes are implemented consistently across departments, divisions, and locations. Use your “My Firm” Library in ADR Notable to give all facilitators the most current, most helpful documents, forms, and checklists. The platform can also help you understand, track, and measure how conflicts are being addressed.


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Looking for Workplace Conflict Management Training?

For more than 30 years, MTI has been providing expertly designed learning opportunities exclusively in conflict resolution and mediation skills for the workplace.
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“With ADR Notable, our clients will be invited to an automated case management tool that continuously reinforces new mediation skills and guides them through the process whenever they need to apply the best practices we teach.”

Terry Marschall, Senior Faculty Consultant and Master Trainer for MTI


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Read what professional trainer Rosemary McCollister has to say about combining training with technology for greater impact.

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