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Designed to support you at every step, ADR Notable brings automation to the management of mediation.

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ADR Notable is a dispute resolution software for ADR professionals to use during the mediation

Before a Session

ADR Notable will help you manage your practice. A customizable checklist is your guide through administrative tasks. Use intuitive tools for:

Case set-up including collecting contact info, recording your conflict check, ensuring you received your signed engagement letter and more.

Frequently used forms like your engagement letter are available from your Library. Documents submitted by the parties will be stored in your individual case files.

Easily record the time you spend in case preparation. Timers will track plenary and caucus sessions for you.

Create checklists that you can access with a single click from anywhere in ADR Notable. You will find everything you need to stay organized!

During a Session

Using ADR Notable instead of a pen and paper to capture your notes has many advantages. Notes are legible, manageable and securely stored in the cloud. If you can type an email, you can use this tool!

In any sequence, enter your brief note, add who said it and whether it’s an issue, proposal or fact – or capture less to keep it simple, it’s up to you.

Shortcut keystrokes mean you never need to look down. Or, use the built-in buttons to add the “who” and type of note.

Drag and drop notes to put in your order, or to group related notes like the proposal to address certain issues

Track the history of counter proposals and mark when agreed, automatically checking off linked issues. Edit proposals to add necessary details.

Confidential notes are marked to avoid inadvertent disclosure unless you remove it if waived.

No more scribbles in the margin, circles, stars, underlining or colored pens. Notes are organized as you take them and can be reorganized as needed. Need to focus? Change the display to show only issues or only notes from one party. Notes are searchable, too.

While in session, pull up a document sent by a party, access your checklists, library of forms and clauses or your calendar. Timers record plenary and caucus times. Having everything you need in one place lets you focus on the parties.

After a Session

Export your agreed proposal language right into your agreement template and pull in language from your customized clause library. Email the document for review, make your revisions, and it’s ready for signing!

Keep a summary of the case, including the parties, the time spent and outcome – full settlement, partial or no agreement. You decide whether to also keep your notes and case documents securely stored with the summary, or permanently delete them.

Introducing our new Billing Module!

Coming Soon

Designed from the ground up specifically for dispute resolution professionals, this tool enables you to split the fees, use an hourly rate or flat fee, and send an invoice and receive payment all in one place. It’s easy, it’s seamless, and it’s all through ADR Notable.

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