Why ADR Notable?

We listened to practicing mediators to build a secure, cloud-based platform that is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

Custom-made for dispute resolution

ADR Notable is not a law firm matter management program re-labelled for dispute resolution professionals.From the start, it was designed to help you manage your practice and especially, to create an easier, more secure way to record, store, and use your notes throughout the mediation process.

Read more about what we learned about how mediators take notes


Drive efficiency into your dispute resolution process freeing you to use the uniquely human skills that are at the heart of what you do. Use technology to get the administrative task out of your way.


If we learned one thing during our testing, it was that the platform must be intuitive. That’s why the interface incorporates some of the techniques that mediators use when taking notes on paper. But it’s so much easier with ADR Notable to find the note you want, edit it, move it, and pop it into a term sheet.


Storing data in the cloud means heightened security and backups. And your case information is available wherever and whenever you need it. At your choice, preserve all records of the case, or delete all notes and uploaded documents, keeping only a record of the parties who attempted mediation, when and for how long, and the result (full resolution, partial or none).


Your included “plus-one” will allow collaboration with your case manager or administrative assistant. They will also appreciate the integration with Google and Outlook calendars and email. Are you responsible for assigning cases to multiple mediators? We have tools for you, too. And it’s so easy to collaborate with the participants themselves.


We consulted with a range of mediators to design a platform that is as useful to the part-time, sole practitioner doing primarily family law matters as it is to a firm that handles a large volume of commercial mediation cases. And it is not only the design that reflects this, but also our pricing structure. Are you an attorney who only mediates a few cases a year? You may want to pay for a single case at a time. Others may appreciate the convenience and lower per-case cost of a subscription plan.