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ADR Notable + CalendarHero: the "schedule on behalf of" feature makes scheduling a breeze for Case Managers


Case-sharing between neutrals, case managers, and firm administrators keeps everyone organized and the case workflow moving forward.

Keep it in the Cloud

Have everything you need, where and when you need it. Secure and accessible.

Manage Documents Securely

Case participants can upload documents right to your centralized Case files.

Stay Organized

Checklists and case management tools simplify your workflow

Bill Faster

Flexible, built-in time tracking, integrated tools for fee-splitting, billing options, and more - now integrated with QuickBooks Online

“I have been a fan of ADR Notable’s since the very first time that I saw it. As one of the leading online mediators in the country, I find that technology makes the dispute resolution process easier, more streamlined and visual for all participants including the practitioners and ADR Notable is at the top of my list! Whether you practice in person or online, ADR Notable supports the process from start to finish and they are constantly listening to feedback and adding functionality. It is truly the “must have” tech for any dispute resolution practitioner."

Susan Guthrie, Attorney/Mediator and Co-founder, Mosten-Guthrie Academy


Billing built for dispute resolution professionals

Bill hourly, fixed rate, or a flat fee, apply advanced fees, custom split the payments, accept multiple types of payments, and track the statuses of all accounts.

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Case Intake

Intake made easy

Input client and mediation info in seconds

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A state-of-the-art solution to save you time and money

Use the "schedule on behalf of" feature to schedule a session with one or more case participants from an ADR Notable case.

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And More Powerful Features

To Simplify Your Workflow


Can I get access to a Neutral's case information using my own ADR Notable account?

Absolutely. A case can be set up by a case manager, a neutral, or a firm administrator who then "invites" other users to the case. Assigning a role to each user defines the level of access.

I spend way too much time trying to find times when everyone is available for mediation sessions. I've heard about the ADR Notable scheduling feature. How exactly does it work?

The easiest way to see how it works is to watch the Scheduling Video. The CalendarHero group scheduling algorithm makes scheduling both in-person and online mediation sessions a quick and easy task. And a great feature for case managers is the "schedule on-behalf-of feature" where you use the neutral's availability calendar(s) but still have your own calendar linked to your account.

I need a tool that helps me stay organized. I work with multiple neutrals and keeping all the tasks straight, from fielding initial inquiries through disposition of files at the end of a case, is a challenge.

You are not alone! That's why the ADR Notable platform is designed to help practitioners manage their practices and their cases effectively and efficiently. A good example is the Case Specific Checklist. Anyone with access to the case can add an item, assign it to themselves or another user, and add a due date. Every open task assigned to you will be on your main dashboard every time you open the app. Check out the New Checklist Features demo here

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