Welcome, Participants in the 2023 ABA Advanced Mediation & Advocacy Skills Institute. 

ADR Notable is delighted to sponsor this Institute, all the more so because the theme this year, “Mediating at the Cutting Edge: Advanced Tools and Strategies for Today and Tomorrow” reflects our mission perfectly

ADR Notable was founded to provide advanced tools and strategies designed expressly for mediators, arbitrators, case managers, workplace conflict managers, mediation trainers, and other DR professionals.  Starting with our patented digital noteboard, the platform now includes a suite of case and practice management tools for solo practitioners and firms that includes document management, term sheet generation, and our popular scheduling solution that handles everything from group sessions to consultation phone calls.  The billing and invoicing module is integrated with Stripe payment processing and QuickBooks Online, and is designed to accommodate hourly, fixed rate, and flat fee billing, handling any type of fee-splitting, down to the billable-item level. 

It is secure, flexible, and simple, saving you valuable time.  To see for yourself if ADR Notable is right for you, give it a try for two weeks and then use the code ABA23 for a special offer.

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What’s New at ADR Notable?

We’ve had a very busy 2023 and it has been exciting to welcome all the new members to the ADR Notable community. Users are finding how an integrated platform streamlines their workflow. Going into a session with an organized Noteboard that already holds their preparation notes makes it easy to capture facts and issues and track proposals, helping them to focus on the people around the virtual or physical table. Brand new mediators, state and provincial agencies, solo practitioners, small firms and large dispute resolution groups have been reaching out to see how we can help them streamline their dispute resolution workflow.

Here’s an easy way to see how it works:  Read the case fact pattern, “In a Summer Pickle” and then click on the self-guided demo at the bottom to see how to use ADR Notable to set up a case, take notes during a session, and generate a term sheet.
Here are some of newest platform enhancements, along with some that are coming very soon…
  • At the request of our users, the Billing and Invoicing process in ADR Notable is now integrated with QuickBooks Online.
  • From day 1, the Checklist feature in ADR Notable has been one of the most popular items.  We’ve recently enhanced it further with Task Reminders that show up up on your main dashboard, live links in Checklist items, and the ability to attach items in your ADR Notable Library to a Task.
  • During Mediation Week 2023, we are launching two exciting new initiatives:
    • The John Lande Compendium:  An extensive collection of checklists and documents, with an accompanying bibliography, reflecting the thoughtful and ethical approach to dispute resolution for which John Lande is rightfully known.  This invaluable collection will be embedded right into the ADR Notable platform, available to all users.
    • Getting off the Ground:  A Practical Guide to Starting a Dispute Resolution Practice. Designed to complement 40-hour mediation training courses, the ADR Notable team has used its 115+ cumulative years of experience in law, mediation, accounting, marketing, research, and non-profit and commercial business leadership to draft a guide to help new mediators with the nuts and bolts of launching a new business.  It covers everything from choosing the right legal entity to developing a technology plan, setting up a conflict of interest database, and creating an effective digital marketing strategy.  It’s a free resource that we’re excited to share.
  • Digital Signing.  We’ve always had date- and time-stamped digital signing built into our term sheet generator, but we’re taking it up a notch with an upcoming integration with a leading e-signature provider.

There are more items on our product roadmap, so sign up for our newsletter to keep on top of all aspects of mediation tech, new features in ADR Notable, and more!