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ADR Notable is proud to be the inaugural 365 Sponsor for ACR-GNY!   Many of your fellow members have already discovered that the ADR Notable platform provides best-in-class case and practice management tools designed especially for neutrals.  Whether you manage a firm of neutrals or are in a solo practice, ADR Notable will help you streamline your workflow and help you to generate movement toward agreement in your sessions.

ACR-GNY Member Benefits:  For members who become part of the ADR Notable community of users, we are delighted to offer a special subscription rate and a complimentary personal onboarding session to get you off to a quick start in the platform.  Scroll down for more on this discount and to learn more about the ADR Notable platform.

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ADR Notable is a secure, cloud-based platform for neutrals that is easy to learn and intuitive to use.

ADR Notable helps neutrals and firm administrators at every step of the dispute resolution process.  As a member of ACR-GNY, you will receive the benefits of ADR Notable at an even better value.  Use the code you will find in the members section of the ACR-GNY website to get 20% off the listed annual or monthly fee.  Most ADR Notable users recoup the cost of the platform during the first 15 minutes of every month — with this ACR-GNY exclusive offer, your time may be even less!  Members can also request a complimentary onboarding session to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.  Send a message to to schedule a time for your onboarding session.

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