Lightstone Academy + ADR Notable

When you combine your Lightstone Academy training with ADR Notable, you will have all the tools you need to manage your own  cases and even to launch your own dispute resolution practice.

Once you have enrolled for a course at the Lightstone Academy for Conflict Resolution, the following benefits are available to you…


First, sign up for ADR Notable using the code provided by your Trainer.

Click here to sign up.  There is no credit card required, but please be sure to use that code.  That’s how you get these special benefits available only to those enrolled in ADR Notable Training Partner programs.

Embedded Training Library:  The materials from your training program are pre-loaded in the ADR Notable Library.  That’s right, your training materials in your workspace and available any time, any place you have internet. How does it work?  You will receive an email from your Trainer inviting you to the Course.  Once you accept, you will see  folders in the Library for Documents, Clauses, and/or Checklists provided by your Trainer.

10 Extra Free Weeks:  You receive an extended Free Trial of 90 days instead of the standard 14 days.  We know you may be just starting out, or learning new skills, so take some extra time.

Special Discount:  You will receive 10% off an annual subscription.  You can start your annual subscription at any time if, for example, you want to get started right away using the Scheduling solution with CalendarHero.

After the 90-day extended free trial, you will continue to have access to the materials in the Training Library and to your existing cases, but starting in Month 4, you will need a monthly, annual, or “single case” license to open a new case.

Everything you need:  Best of all, you can create and work your Cases on a secure, intuitive, and flexible platform.  Create a Case, add the Participants, and then configure the patented Noteboard the way you want.  What are the Issues in the case?  Jot them down.  Then record where there is “common ground” or note Proposals as they come forward and revise until agreement is reached.   There is lots more.  Check out the Under-10 Minute videos on YouTube to see some of the other features.  Click on Playlists and choose from “The Basics,” “How To,” or “For You.”


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