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Renowned training, certification, and consulting in workplace conflict management plus a unique cloud-based tool to help your workers put what they learn into practice.

That’s synergy.

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Read more about the MTI-ADR Notable collaboration and see the Press Release.

How MTI + ADR Notable can help you…

We’ve been MTI clients for a long time.  I’d like to learn how ADR Notable can help my team.

ADR Notable brings MTI training materials to your managers when they need them and where they need them.  See how it works…

I’m a mediator looking to expand my practice to include workplace conflict cases.

MTI offers a variety of courses. And with ADR Notable, you get the MTI benefits plus a set of tools designed to help manage your dispute resolution practice.  Learn more…

I’m looking for best-in-class conflict management training for our company.

Best-in-class means the top Master Trainers in the business and a technology solution to help your employees, your HR managers, and your company’s bottom line.  See how…

The MTI resources integrated into the ADR Notable platform are only available to Practitioners certified by the Mediation Training Institute.

Read more about the MTI Training Options

No need to wait…

If you’re ready to learn more about ADR Notable now, you can start a 30-day ADR Notable free trial at any time.  And as an MTI training participant, you will still be able to take advantage of exclusive offers and benefit from the MTI integrated resources when you have been certified.

  How ADR Notable can enhance your existing MTI training

As an MTI practitioner, you already know that the positive impact from training on improved workplace relationships, productivity, and efficiency translates into a healthier organizational climate and a healthier bottom line.
By introducing you to ADR Notable, MTI moves beyond training to implementation by configuring its proprietary lessons and resources right into the ADR Notable case management tool.  The result is better retention, more consistency in how workplace conflict is managed, and a more confident, prepared, and effective group of dispute managers.
Your organization receives a version of ADR Notable customized with MTI resources for your certified practitioners.  You will also receive a special rate for an Enterprise subscription to ADR Notable.  Contact COO Matt Zenko to talk about how to get started.


Enhance your dispute resolution offerings to include workplace conflict management

This is a very smart move.  The need for skilled professionals to help resolve workplace conflict is urgent and growing.  Consider these facts*…
  • 86% of job-seekers report that they avoid applying to organizations that have been reviewed poorly by their workforce
  • Companies with a healthy corporate culture have an average turnover rate of 13.9%.  A poor corporate culture?  48.4%.
  • In 2017, the average cost to a company to defend and settle an employment lawsuit was $160,000 and took 318 days to resolve.
  • An oft-cited 2008 survey reported that U.S. organizations paid an estimated $359 billion for work hours spent on conflict instead of productivity.
For more than 30 years, MTI has been providing expertly designed learning opportunities exclusively in conflict resolution and mediation skills for the workplace.  Register for an MTI Course here and you’ll receive a special Training Partners-only offer on an ADR Notable subscription to help you put what you learn into practice.  Do you want to get started with ADR Notable right away?  It’s easy; just sign up here.

*Read about these facts and more in this blog post.


Engage the right Conflict Management Trainers for your organization

MTI offers a range of training and certification programs for managers, human resources professionals, and workplace trainers.  For example, in the Certified Workplace Mediator and Trainer (CMT) Program, participants learn the necessary skills to both resolve conflicts directly and train others on workplace conflict resolution strategies.  Pair that with ADR Notable and you will receive:
(1) a cloud-based dispute resolution workspace with a built-in library of documents, resources, and checklists from your MTI Course, and
(2) a special offering of an Enterprise license that includes the embedded MTI resources for your organization. Smaller firms may prefer a discounted annual subscription for individual members.
See the MTI Training Opportunities available to your organization.

ADR Notable is proud to be a sponsor of the
Fall 2022 MTI Conflict Resolution and Mediation Conference: Navigating Our Conflicted World

Virtual Conference:  September 27-29, 2022, 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. EDT daily

Learn more about the Conference here.


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