Introducing the Lande Compendium of Checklists

A rich collection of 20 detailed checklists developed by John Lande, noted mediation systems designer and Isidor Loeb Professor Emeritus and former director of the LLM Program in Dispute Resolution at the University of Missouri.

Designed to help mediators at every step of the dispute resolution process, this amazing resource covers everything from information to include on your website to complying with ethical requirements of the profession. There are eight checklists for tasks to do before sessions and several more that cover the sessions themselves. Not designed as a recipe for mediators to follow strictly, thoughtlessly, or completely, these are guidelines that mediators can use to help them decide what to do based on the particular circumstances of the moment.

The checklists are embedded right in the ADR Notable platform, for use by everyone with an ADR Notable account including free trial users, training partner trainees, and law school students. Copy them into your own Library, edit them if you wish to reflect your own practice system, and then pull them up at any point during a case, from intake to final disposition of notes and documents. Assign a due date to a task and it shows up on your main dashboard until you check it off.

Read more about the Compendium in this article by John Lande.

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