Mediation Appreciation Celebration

It’s happening now, November 16-30, at!

2023:  It’s looking like a good one.

It’s true; 2023 has been an exciting year for us so far and in the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, we want to say an enthusiastic and heartfelt thank you!  Back in January, ADR Notable founder Gary Doernhoefer shared this with the ADR Notable community:

“We believe that what you do in helping resolve conflict is important work and we recognize that no software can provide the core service you offer. But ADR Notable can relieve you of much of the burden of the associated tasks, allowing you to better focus on the parties and their needs. Together, let’s make 2023 the year that mediation tech helps you.”

And you did!  So we want to thank you for making 2023 the year that you invested in mediation tech, and especially, in ADR Notable!

Here are just a few of the reasons that we are grateful for your support in 2023: 
  • We rolled out an array of enhancements to the new Billing and Invoicing feature, including our most recent upgrade, the QuickBooks integration.
  • We made the very popular Scheduling feature with CalendarHero available to monthly as well as to annual subscribers — still at no additional cost.
  • You came up with creative new applications for the ADR Notable platform. From property assessment appeals in Saskatchewan to “No Surprises Act” arbitrations in Texas, we worked together to facilitate the management and workflow of a wide variety of programs.
  • We welcomed many new ADR Notable Training Partners from across the U.S. and Canada. They are introducing their learners to a mediation tech platform with their own training materials embedded in a special Library right in the platform.
  • We launched ADR Notable for Law Schools, so that educators can use the ADR Notable platform at no cost in their classes and in their clinics.
  • Our Canadian users’ data will now be stored on our new server in Canada.
  • Just recently, we created a Practical Guide to Starting a Dispute Resolution Practice, and we thank the hundreds of you who have already downloaded it!
  • Last but not least, we’ve been planning for the next round of items on our product roadmap.  (Because if you think Gary is stopping here, well, you and he have not yet met!)

So please plan to join us for our Mediation Appreciation Celebration from November 16 – 30!

What’s in store? Well, there are things to watch and things to read; there is a new free resource in the platform from a leader in the ADR field that we are very excited to share with you, and then there is something just for fun. So watch your email as we get closer to November 16 to learn more!

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