Mortgage Foreclosure: A Resource Guide for Mediators

We all hope that we won’t see a reappearance of what happened in 2008.  But whatever the magnitude of the predicted upswing in mortgage foreclosure cases, here are some resources that will help you to navigate these waters.

ADR Notable is offering this video and the use of its platform at no cost to mediators, in order to help with an anticipated surge in mortgage foreclosure claims.  As a new company, we ask only that you provide feedback on the use of the platform to help us improve.  Get started here.
Special thanks to Homes on the Hill Community Development Corporation in Columbus, Ohio, for providing our guest speaker, Mr. Mark Easterling.


Here are links to a few publicly-available resources that you may find useful.  Do you have other sites that we can add?  Please let us know.

How ADR Notable can help…

ADR Notable has tools to help you mediate mortgage foreclosure cases…
Checklists:  You will find a ready-to-use Mortgage Foreclosure Checklist under the ADR Notable Checklists tab in My Library.  Copy it to your global files with a single click, edit it if you wish, and it’s ready to use each time you open a foreclosure case.  Read more about how ADR Notable checklists can help you.
Forms:  Whether you use the universal form listed above or forms provided by lending institutions or Courts, you can add them to your ADR Notable library and have them close at hand for your client intake or agreement documentation processes.  Watch a 50-second video to see how easy it is to add documents to your library.
Clauses:  Do you have standard clauses that you use in your agreement documents to describe the conditions of retention or relinquishment/transition of the properties in dispute?  Add them, along with any other clauses, to “My Clauses” in your ADR Notable library — a single click will pull them into your term sheet.  Learn more about using clauses and creating term sheets in ADR Notable.

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