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Manage your team of neutrals with a single software platform. 

ADR Notable, a proud partner of NAFCM

ADR Notable offers firm-level administration down to detailed case management. You and your team members can use some or all of its capabilities, with the flexibility to fit your needs. Streamline, facilitate, and enhance your workflow with all the tools you need in one place. By partnering with ADR Notable, NAFCM members receive a deeply discounted subscription in recognition of their commitment to free or low cost ADR services in their communities. Additionally, ADR Notable contributes a small amount back to NAFCM for each of the members of its organization who subscribe.  Try it free for 14 days.

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Minimize paperwork while keeping track of cases and your team of mediators. ADR Notable helps streamline your management tasks in one application.

Simplify administrative work

Intake, documents, case status, process checklists, case notes and final agreements, all easily organized and maintained until you decide to delete the sensitive materials with the secure delete function.

Gather data and system reports with a click

Record and maintain your firm data to better manage your practice or use it to report to the Courts and funding agencies. Set the timeframe of your report — It could be weekly, monthly, annually — and keep track of case statuses, outcomes, individual mediators, and more. Simplify your reporting requirements to the courts or funding agencies.

Secure data management at all times. 

Security settings inside ADR Notable allows an Administrator total access but can be set to limit other users. Unauthorized access from outside the application is protected by state-of-the-art encryption protocols and the Azure Cloud Services provided by Microsoft.


ADR Notable + CalendarHero provides a unique solution for group scheduling, saving time and frustration.  Included with no additional cost to monthly and annual subscribers, it also includes a sophisticated web calendar for people to self-schedule one-on-one meetings with individual mediators.

Resources for NAFCM organizations

  1. Learn more about how ADR Notable helps NAFCM and all firm administrators.
  2. Try this brief self-guided demo for a quick overview.



From The Hub:  “NAFCM Partnerships Bring Real Value to Members”

“We have been searching for quite some time for a case management system which would accurately track our mediation cases, help us prepare necessary program assessment reports, and still be simple to use. The DRC-MC believes that we have finally found that system with ADR Notable and is eager to begin implementing its case and practice management software this year.”

Elaine Roberts, Executive Director of the Dispute Resolution Center of Montgomery County, Texas. 

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