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"WOWWWW!!!! This is AWESOME! I will spend time later today to read through it all. Beyond thankful to you for sharing this document with me. Started compiling my list of things to do a few months ago and got stuck. I know that your document will fill in the blanks for me."



What’s included in this guide?

The experts at ADR Notable have pooled their decades of experience to create a detailed how-to guide aimed at helping you lay the legal, operational, and administrative foundations necessary to get your dispute resolution practice up and running.

What changes were made for the Canada version?

With no end of thanks to Canadian dispute resolution professionals Paula Drouin and Marie-Christine Brochu, changes were made throughout the Guide to reflect regulations, resources, and best practices in Canada. Most of the changes were in Section 1 about "Business Basics." You will see, for example, how to get a TIN from Canada Revenue Agency and links to ADRIC's professional insurance program.

Does this guide teach me about mediation techniques?

No. This guide assumes you have the skills training to help you be effective in the role of a neutral - whether you intend to mediate, arbitrate, or both. If you are looking for Mediation Training, check out ADR Notable's Mediation Training Partners in Canada at

How should I use this resource?

While you absolutely can read this guide from start to finish, new mediators and arbitrators may feel overwhelmed by the amount of information we included. Instead, we recommend using this guide as a framework - read the sections you need, when you need them. And don’t forget the checklists and resource lists! They’ll help you apply the information you’ve learned and make starting your practice much more manageable.

Do I need the ADR Notable platform to use this guide?

Not at all! The ADR Notable platform is a fantastic tool that will help you streamline and manage every step of the mediation process, but this guide is a stand-alone resource aimed at helping new mediators and arbitrators throughout the practical side of starting their new practices.

Does ADR Notable have a data server in Canada?

Yes. Since early 2024, ADR Notable users in Canada have had their data stored on the new Canada server, giving them confidence they are upholding their commitment to safeguarding sensitive client information. Knowing your clients' trust is protected from unnecessary privacy risks will let you focus on resolving disputes rather than worrying about data.