ADR Notable offers a case and practice management software tool designed specifically for dispute resolution practitioners. ADR Notable and individuals or organizations training people to provide dispute resolution services can collaborate to configure the trainer’s course materials into the ADR Notable platform in ways to make them accessible and immediately useful in practice. This will reinforce the training and make it easier for trainees to adopt and follow the course advice. This agreement describes the relationship between ADR Notable and the trainer or training organization that have agreed to collaborate for this purpose.

Programs and Services

  • The trainer will add the course or courses to be included in the ADR Notable platform. The parties may work together to configure the materials into ADR Notable, but the trainer will have the final authority to determine how the materials should be presented.
  • Each course will be set up separately in ADR Notable with access to the Library. Trainer will have administrative privileges for each Training Firm account, including the ability to remove, supplement or update materials and the right to invite individuals to access and download materials to their own ADR Notable Libraries or other storage.
  • In addition, ADR notable permits the Trainer to establish “mock” firms and cases in their ADR Notable training account without limitation.
  • The trainer and anyone accessing a Library must be a registered user of ADR Notable, but there is no charge for becoming a registered user. Access includes the ability to download copies of materials.
  • Trainees who choose to use ADR Notable in practice must subscribe at or before the end of the free trial period and can then continue to copy materials from the training Library to their own ADR Notable Library for use.
  • If the trainer is also a practitioner, a separate subscription account must be established for serving clients.


  • ADR Notable will allow the trainer to offer to trainees an extended 3-month free trial and a discount of 10% off the published annual subscription price. The trainer also has the option of including a one-year subscription to ADR Notable in their course fee.  More information on pricing options is provided to the trainers upon acceptance of their application to become an ADR Notable Training Partner.
  • The published annual subscription price is subject to change by ADR Notable, but the discount percentage will remain applicable to any new published annual subscription price.


  • Each party will make reasonable efforts to market and promote the training combined with the use of the ADR Notable platform including, at a minimum, placing a logo and links to the other party’s website somewhere on the party’s own website.
  • To help training firms market their courses to ADR Notable subscribers, ADR Notable will include a listing of ADR Notable Training Partners on its website, along with a brief description provided by the trainer.

Intellectual Property Rights

  • The parties recognize and agree that each has intellectual property rights: the trainer owns the course content and ADR Notable owns the software. This agreement does not alter or impair those rights.


  • This agreement will be effective on the date described below and will renew annually until terminated at the discretion of either party upon a 30-day written notice.
  • When the termination is effective at the expiration of the notice period, ADR Notable will delete the training Libraries and the training account.

Date of Agreement

  • This agreement is effective as of the date that ADR Notable notifies you that you have been accepted as an ADR Notable Training Partner.

v1.2 3/18/2022