ADR Notable Boosts Your Workplace Conflict Management Training

ADR Notable plus your conflict management training contributes to a more productive workplace and a healthier bottom line.Do you train the trainers who work with employees to help manage conflict in their workplace?  Or are you thinking of expanding your practice into this field?

In either case, there is plenty of evidence to support the acute need for help in this area! Consistent data reflect how unaddressed workplace conflict takes a major toll on organizational culture, on productivity, and ultimately, on the bottom line.  Consider these points:

  • An oft-cited study from 2008 found that employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict, the equivalent nationwide of $359 billion in paid hours.
  • A 2015 study in the U.K. found that 38% of employees reported some type of interpersonal conflict during the prior year.
  • For disputes that resulted in a settlement among small to medium sized companies (SMEs) in 2017, the average cost to a company was $160,000 and the average time span for a case to be resolved was 318 days.
Effective Training Makes a Difference

The good news is that reports from those organizations that are adopting training programs targeted to conflict management have positive findings to report.  A Harvard Business School study found that converting a “toxic worker” to even an “average worker” was financially more than twice as valuable as hiring a “top 5% superstar.”    Further studies by SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management), MTI at Eckerd College, and Canada’s National Mediation Board find that effective training reduces formal employee grievances, significantly improves employee productivity, and brings benefits in team-building, retention, work relationships, and trust in leadership.

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How ADR Notable Can Help:  A Triple Win!

When you train conflict facilitators in an organization and give them a dedicated and secure workspace with direct access to your training materials, you get a win-win-win.

Win #1:  It’s a win for you, the trainer, because you are the one bringing a unique and valuable tool to the table.  Plus, can be confident that your training materials, embedded right in the ADR Notable platform, will be used.

Win #2:  It’s a win for the organization in that better and more consistent access to your training materials and an organization’s own resources makes it easier for them to effectively apply their conflict management skills.

Win #3:  And it’s a win for the employees of these organizations because the result of a training program that is implemented effectively is a healthier organizational culture, with greater job satisfaction and less turnover.


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