Apollo vs Cupid

A holiday fact pattern for you to use in ADR Notable.

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When love goes awry: Apollo and Daphne vs. Cupid (a/k/a Eros)

When seeking a fact pattern to spice up mediation training, you can hardly beat Greek mythology with its passions and complex interpersonal relationships. So, for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday, here is ADR Notable’s latest conflict fact pattern.


Apollo brings this action against Cupid, claiming intentional infliction of emotional distress and battery, seeking specific performance in the reversal of certain actions, and unspecified additional damages. Apollo is generally regarded as a leader in the Mount Olympus community. Apollo is represented by Themis, goddess of justice, divine order, fairness, law and custom.

Cupid counterclaims against Apollo for physical and verbal abuse rising to the level of assault. Cupid claims his actions were induced as a defense against Apollo’s threats. Cupid, as a minor, is represented by Peitho, goddess of persuasion and elocution. According to Peitho, Cupid has established a certain reputation and brand as an archer skilled with his bow and employing arrows which come in two types: golden-tipped arrows are said to induce strong feelings of love and passion, while his lead-tipped arrows cause feelings of indifference or even repulsion.

Daphne joins in the action aligned as a co-plaintiff with similar claims of battery against Cupid, and as a cross-claimant against Apollo for assault, harassment and trespass. At the time this dispute arose, Daphne was a nymph, dedicated to and skilled in the art of hunting. Along with her mentor, Artemis, Daphne had chosen a lifestyle that shunned the attentions of the many men who found her attractive. Daphne is represented by the firm, Artemis, Dryads and Associates.


According to Cupid, he was minding his own business one day while practicing with his bow and arrows, when Apollo spied him. Cupid claims that Apollo was pumped up and full of arrogance from his recent success in killing a large but defenseless serpent…

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