The Swiss Army Knife of ADR Software

swiss army knifeDispute resolution and conflict management come in a wide variety of forms, presenting a range of administrative challenges. Like the iconic Swiss army knife, our ADR software helps practitioners in a surprisingly broad array of contexts.

ADR Notable comes from humble beginnings. The initial focus was simply on the process of taking notes during a mediation session. The technology allows notes to be captured quickly and then organized in ways far more useful than can be done on a yellow legal pad. It is so novel, ADR Notable has received a patent on the design of its Noteboard.

Note-taking was just the beginning.  ADR Notable expanded its features to become full case management software before it was first made available to practitioners. Feedback from early adopters led us to solve two key challenges to practitioners, billing and efficient group scheduling.  Since then, we have continued to comprehensively address the administrative needs of dispute resolution practitioners.  These practice management features continue to be favorites of the ADR Notable user community.

Billing ADR software feature


We did not stop there, however. While the initial product focused on mediators, we always had arbitrators in mind as well, especially since many neutrals serve in both capacities. Many steps in the business process are the same: managing party and counsel information, secure document uploading and storage, scheduling, and billing. Using ADR Notable as an arbitrator myself led to some additional flexibility in the note taking components.  The end result is that ADR Notable can now support arbitrators as well as mediators.

Firm Administration

In a similar way, ADR Notable worked with administrators managing teams of neutrals to add features that address their requirements. The ADR Notable Library provides a place for forms and templates, commonly used language for agreements, and checklists for task management and consistent administration, all of which can be maintained in a firm Library and shared among a group of practitioners and case managers. Billing can be managed by the practitioner, firm administrator, or by a billing clerk. Additionally, ADR Notable supports aggregated, anonymized data reporting at either the individual or firm level.

Read more about ADR Notable for Firm Administrators.

Mediation Trainers were quick to see how the flexibility of the Library benefits both the trainer and learners. Graduates of training programs offered by ADR Notable training partners receive the course materials already organized into folders, files, and checklists in a custom Library right in the ADR software where it can be easily accessed. There, the materials can be copied for use and editing, or used as a reference or even inspirational reminder of practice tips, just when needed.  Read more about ADR Notable for Trainers.

Trainers directory

Users approached us with even more ideas…

It has been exciting to see how ADR Notable’s versatile design continues to find new applications in related fields. Some recent examples are:

Family Counseling

A Canadian family counselor appreciates the ability to identify all of the family members and then keep and organize notes that relate to the individual issues and perspectives of each. He finds ADR Notable to be the perfect tool for helping resolve conflicts as they arise among family members.


In discussions with ombuds, we received feedback that some ombuds seldom, if ever, keep notes of the matters they handle. On the other hand, organizations are seeking greater accountability which requires some kind of record-keeping. In ADR Notable, confidential notes and uploads can be digitally shredded, each with a single click, keeping only a framework record from which aggregated reporting can be created. The ADR software provides a solution for these competing needs.

HR and Workplace Conflict 

Often in the workplace, companies invest in conflict management training for line supervisors or other managers. In fact, according to CMOE, 95% of those with training reported it helped them find positive conflict resolutions. But that training can be quickly forgotten. With tools from their training right at hand in the ADR Notable Library, the course materials can be easily revisited. Additionally, checklists are a great way to encourage consistent application of a company’s policies. And HR managers appreciate the built-in reports when it comes time for assessment or budget-planning.

Remote Case Management 

ADR Notable is the chosen solution for an experienced case manager setting up a new business providing case management support remotely for dispute resolution practitioners. She found the efficiency and intuitive design of ADR Notable essential for supporting multiple practitioners.

Then there are the more unique, even unexpected, applications of ADR Software:

Property Tax Assessment Appeals 

The ADR Institute of Saskatchewan recently contracted with ADR Notable. It has an agreement with the provincial government to manage property tax assessment appeals arising from the 500+ municipalities of Saskatchewan. They selected ADR Notable for its case management platform based on its easy-to-learn flexible design and affordability.  Read more about how ADR Notable worked with the ADR Institute of Saskatchewan.

No Surprises Act 

This 2022 federal statute establishes, in part, a dispute resolution process regarding medical billing practices. A subcontractor to an Independent Dispute Resolution Entity – a role defined in the statute, selected ADR Notable to manage over two dozen practitioners and thousands of open dispute files. With its own software development team, ADR Notable could quickly make a few tweaks to the software to meet her needs and deliver the changes within her time requirements.  August 8, 2023 update:  Take advantage of the current pause to get set up on a time-saving case management platform.  Claims are still building up.

ADR Notable continues to find new opportunities to support the dispute resolution community, in whatever form that may take. It has proven already to truly be the Swiss Army knife of dispute resolution support software.  Do you have questions about a possible application for the ADR Notable platform?  Get in touch and let’s talk about it.

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