ADR Notable to help municipalities in Canada

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The ADR Institute of Saskatchewan, a not-for-profit dispute resolution body appointed by Saskatchewan’s Ministry of Government Relations, selected ADR Notable to support the province’s property assessment appeal system.

Why ADR Notable?

ADR Saskatchewan needed a technology solution that would provide consistency and stability while being easy to learn and to administer. The Board, acting as an administrative tribunal making decisions about property assessment appeals, has recently introduced new options to increase the overall efficiency, and enable more appellants to choose a simplified, less formal appeal process.  The inherent flexibility of the ADR Notable platform allowed them to create a secure online workspace for the secretary and members that could be tailored to their specific requirements.

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“The team at ADR Notable has been wonderful to work with, adapting the ADR Notable platform to meet the unique needs of our business requirements and providing training and support services throughout the implementation phase.  ADR Notable offers us a one-stop platform to work smoothly through every step of our process from intake through final invoicing.  Features like the Checklists allow our large group of staff and arbitrators the opportunity to easily find, work with, and complete tasks in a timely, efficient manner.”

Michele Cruise-Pratchler, Program Manager and Senior Secretary, The ADR Institute of Saskatchewan


The Checklist feature in the ADR Notable platform is a great illustration of how ADR Notable is flexible, simple, and powerful.  Our Checklist feature is flexible in that you can add due dates, share Checklists with others in your Firm, create a checklist to use in all your cases, or use the Case Checklist option to create a unique list for each case.  Some of our users use the Case Checklist to remind them of follow-up items; others to share tasks or ideas with co-mediators or case managers. Or all of the above!

Checklists are powerful in that they help you run your business and generate movement toward agreement in a case.   Create a “Pipeline Checklist” to make sure you don’t lose potential clients between the time they make an initial query and send in their agreement to mediate form.  And have a checklist of your favorite ways to “cool down the temperature” around the table when things get heated.  Pull it up when you’re in a case and you’re prepared to get a productive conversation going again.  And simple?  Is there anything more simple than a checklist?

Watch the ADR Notable for Co-Mediators video to see an example of Checklists as a powerful collaboration tool.

“We are delighted to be working with the ADR Institute of Saskatchewan.  Our case management platform has tremendous flexibility and it’s exciting to serve both traditional mediation practices and an agency with a very specific remit. Our entire team looks forward to exploring new applications while expanding our family of ADR practitioners.”

Gary Doernhoefer, Founder, ADR Notable

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