An In-Depth Conversation about Getting Your Dispute Resolution Practice Off the Ground

In this webinar, ADR Notable founder Gary Doernhoefer talks with two practitioners, Brittany Bennett and Sadie Cort, about getting started in the field and what they have to share with others based on their experiences. The bottom line? Launching a successful dispute resolution business involves more than just your skills and capabilities. It requires carefully laying the administrative, operational and legal foundations to ensure your practice runs efficiently and ethically. By investing early in a thoughtful setup tailored to your practice, you position yourself for many rewarding years as an independent practitioner.

And if you want to learn more, don’t forget to download our free guide full of information for new dispute resolution practitioners.

“This is such a FANTASTIC resource from ADR Notable for those seeking to start their dispute resolution practice! There is a wealth of information here to help you on your journey!”

~Susan Guthrie, Attorney/Mediator and Expert Trainer, Mosten-Guthrie Academy

Document Library

Your files and more in one place

Store and organize your documents, create checklists to keep you on track, and upload your clauses to pull when creating a term sheet.

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New Mediators Guide

A free practical guide to starting your new practice

Benefit from decades of expert experience when you download this guide full of key information, comprehensive checklists, and lists of helpful resources

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Digital Noteboard

A better way to take notes

Track issues, facts, and proposals. Make quick attribution to parties, drag and drop to reorder notes, and link one note to another. Add counter-proposals and track your time. When agreement is reached, that agreement moves automatically into the term-sheet builder.

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